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Informations about the online shop

Dear customers
We have herring again and all products are available again! Please pay attention to the new prices!
Your online shop team! Have fun shopping in the shop!
We have noticed that the transport companies such as "Kerry", "NimExpress" etc. do not deliver throughout Thailand and if so, then the cooling cannot be guaranteed under certain circumstances.
For this reason we are forced to recalculate every time. It's a Thai problem.
The shipping costs of "NimExpress" as shown in the order confirmation apply as standard.
If "NimmExpress" does not deliver to your address, we will use a different company. In this case, you will receive the invoice with an additional item, from which the difference to the actual transport price can be seen.
We ask you to transfer this difference in addition.
We ask for your understanding for this inconvenience!
Thanks very much!
Dear customers
Due to the fact that "Kerry" cannot guarantee delivery times in times of "Corona", we are forced to switch to another supplier. This is called "NIMEXPRESS" and delivers "door to door" throughout Thailand in compliance with 2 cooling temperatures, namely "0-8 ° C" and "-16 ° C".
This will guarantee us that the cooling temperature is maintained. As with "Kerry", we also pass on the transport costs 1: 1 to our customers, without any surcharge!
There is now a field in the registration form that reads: "Province-Confirmation". Here you have to select your province again from this drop-down field. This is used to calculate your transport costs. All provinces of Thailand are listed and spelled correctly. When you click the Thai flag,
then you get your province in the correct spelling in the Thai language.

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