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Welcome to the Feinkost-Thailand Onlineshop

Note! Please read through "shop information".

For 15 years we have been importing and producing high quality products which are divided into the following areas
Our import products:
• Imported fish preserves: herring files, fried herring, kicker fillets.
• Imported canned vegetables: pickles, gherkins, sauerkraut.
• Imported canned fruit: applesauce, morello cherries, and much more.
High quality products from our own production:
• Wiesenland: is our own production where selected types of cheese are processed as sliced ​​cheese and cheese spread.
• Fischland: are fish products manufactured by us such as Rollmops, matjes, bismarck herring, matjeshappen.
• Milchland: are our own dairy products to which quark, herbal quark, tzatziki, and much more. belong.
• Gourmetland: are our homemade potato salads, egg salads, sausage salads, meat salads and sauerkraut.
Gastronomy products:
We not only offer our products to end customers, but also have larger containers and larger packaging units for business customers especially for catering and events
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